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How to tell if your holistic dentist is completely natural

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Holistic dentists are, in many ways, totally different from traditional dentists. They have a much better understanding of the toxins that can be introduced to the body through a normal people’s day, and they are also very aware of the toxins that a traditional dentist would use as part of their normal practice. That is why so many people will go to a holistic dentist, to avoid the introduction of these toxins into their body. However, it is very easy for a dentist to say that they are holistic – but how can you tell if they really are following holistic principles? Here are some things to look out for, so that you can tell if your holistic dentist is completely natural.

Firstly, they should not be using any nasty chemicals in their fillings. Everyone knows that mercury is a poison and should not be used within fillings, but few people realize that the silver amalgam fillings still contain mercury within them! If your dentist offers your silver amalgam fillings, then they are not a holistic dentist. Secondly, holistic dentists understand the dangerous power that radiation can have on the human body, and that means that they will use a special x-ray machine – if they decide to x-ray you at all. If your dentist seems very happy to x-ray you several times, chances are they are not following holistic principles.

On the other hand, if your dentist is asking searching questions about your diet and your moods, and is considering your body as a whole rather than ignoring anything below your neck, then congratulations: you have found a great holistic dentist. They are often hard to come by, so really appreciate them for the amazing and wonderful way that they look after your entire body.

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