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Finding new patients in New York and keeping them

It is the eternal problem for any person who works with patients or customers: how do you find new ones, and when you have found them, how do you keep them? It does not matter what area of business you are in, because this sort of problem will come at you from every direction, no matter what you do. It is often especially true within the medical profession such as dentistry. Here the problem is not always so simple: you need people to be able to come to you not just for you to continue your dental business, because also because it is vital to the patient’s health to be seen by a dentist and check that they are healthy. So what is the best way to go about finding new patients and keeping them when you are a dentist?

Strangely enough, the answer may have nothing to do with dentistry at all. Sometimes the best way to entice new people to come to your dental practice is to offer them something that they would never expect to be able to find there, such as Botox administration. We all want to be able to trust the person who is sticking a needle into us, after all, and who is more trustworthy than a dentist? This is exactly why world leading dentist Dr Howard Katz has put together a training course called Dentox which teaches dentists how to administer Botox injections, so that they can offer something a little different to their patients. The one day course takes you through all the different ways that Botox can be used for patients, and even how to market your new skills to potential patients.

Live New York Training Course

Why not join the course when it comes on its tour to New York, and discover how you gain find new patients and keep them?

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