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How to remove mold

????????????Every single property will experience mold of some sort or another, so do not believe that this is something that only ‘bad’ properties will have. A simple combination of water and oxygen can provide the perfect breeding ground for mold, and as this happens all of the time, it is natural that mold will try to make its mark. However, mold is not only a very unsightly thing to have in the home, it is also a health hazard, and can prove very dangerous if left untreated and not removed. Those with asthma and weak immune systems in particular will find that they suffer running noses, sneezing fits, coughing, and even potentially difficulty breathing if mold is left and not removed over time. The sooner that you deal with the mold, the sooner you can start getting back to health – and the longer you leave it, the bigger it will get.

Mold is pretty simple to identify, even if you have not experienced it in your own property before. There are many different types and subspecies, but the majority of them will be removed in the same way. Mildew in particular is one that homes deal with on almost a weekly basis, because it is that mold that begins as a tiny black spot, but can very quickly become the black gunk you see in your bathroom, and the horrible black fuzz that can develop in your kitchen. Although mildew does not rot the surfaces that it sits on, other molds definitely can, and when you have one you will very quickly start to join them. That is why you should start to remove mold as soon as you distinguish it.

To remove mildew and other types of generic mold that creep up on the damp surfaces of your home, you need to mix a solution of bleach and water, one part bleach to eight parts water. You will need to wear gloves when you do this to protect your hands, even though you have diluted the bleach. Scrubbing away with this solution should very quickly remove the mold from the surface – but this will only be sufficient when the mold is not extensive, and is not emitting a musty odor. When this starts to happen, that actually means that your mold is starting to shed its spores, and is trying to colonise the rest of your house! This is not good, and you will need a different method of mold removal for this.

First of all, change into clothes that you will not mind having to get rid of after the clean up process. Then we recommend wearing a respirator, as well as the face mask and gloves that you would wear for all mold removal. Then you should set up a ventilator or a fan in the room, to ensure that you do not breathe in the spores of the mold. When you remove the mold, you need to pop the mold and the cloths that you have used into plastic bags, and dump them in the bin.