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How to double your dental patient list

Botox Course held in Los Angeles

This is not about gimmicks, and it’s not about trickery, and it is certainly not about pyramid schemes! There are no guarantees, of course, but there are certain ways that you can ensure that you are maximizing everything that you are doing to double your patient list.

The key thing is to follow these three steps:
1. Be generous with your time
When you have a new patient walk into your dental practice, you need to make sure that they know that they are welcome and should stay as long as they want. Take your time with them, listen to their fears, sympathize with their concerns, and take a bit more time to explain what you are doing. It will make all the difference to their visit, and mean that they will go away considering you to be the dentist who really listened – a definite bonus.

2. Diversify your treatments
The more different treatments that you offer, the more different types of patient can come to your dental practice. A great way to do this is to offer Botox and dermal fillers, skills you can learn easily from the Dentox training course in Los Angeles. Created by Dr Howard Katz, a dentist, this one day course gives you absolutely everything you could need to know about Botox and you could be offering it to new patients within days.

3. Encourage return visits
As strange as this may sound, just asking your patients to come back really is an option! This will give them the impetus to return when they may not have considered it before, and if you really make an impression then they may even recommend you to friends and family. Word of mouth is the best way to really start to double your patient list.

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