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Toothpaste Ingredients


When choosing processed food, you probably spend at least a little time looking at the nutrition information label. Most of us are aware that what we put into our bodies can either do us a lot of good, or a lot of harm. This is why it is very important to know what kinds of things you are feeding yourself and your family. The same goes for what we drink. If you’re like many people, you have probably looked at the label on a bottle of soda or juice to find out how much sugar or, in the case of soda, caffeine, you’re about to consume. Most people don’t put the same amount of effort into knowing what chemicals they’re putting into their mouths when they brush their teeth.

Wait, toothpaste? That’s right. Have you ever read the ingredients list on your toothpaste tube to find out what you’re using to keep your teeth clean? If you answered no, you’re in good company. Some people spend more time looking at the label on their shampoo bottle than their toothpaste and with good reason, most people don’t even know what half of the ingredients are.

There is a very good reason that your toothpaste packaging contains warnings against swallowing. Many of the chemicals contained in most commercial toothpastes are surprisingly dangerous. Triclosan is a pesticide contained in many toothpaste brands. Sodium hydroxide is another common toothpaste ingredient known to be toxic to the organs. The only way to completely avoid toxic chemicals in your toothpaste is to to your own at home. It’s surprisingly simple, the ingredients are all natural and non toxic, and you probably have most of them in your home already. It’s a great way to ensure that you are not placing your health at risk by trying to protect your teeth.


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